Smart guest room

Efficient and energy-saving smart systems for guest rooms.

Our automated guest room systems make hotel operations more efficient and provide a great guest experience.

The smart guest room is equipped with devices that can be remotely controlled and communicate with each other via the ‘Internet of Things’. The smart guest room enhances the experience of staying there, simplifying and making it more economical to run.

In the smart rooms, guests can adjust the temperature, control the lighting or even the blackout via a device provided by the hotel (tablet, touch panel, etc.) or even from their own smart devices. The system is flexible, expandable and customisable.

Smart guest room

Increased guest satisfaction, reduced operating costs.

A great guest experience

With the smart control, the guest can easily adjust the temperature of their room, control the lighting, ventilation, shading and open the room door. Smart devices can be controlled via touch panel, tablet or smartphone app.

Reducing costs

By creating smart guest rooms, hotels can significantly reduce their operating costs. Room devices can be remotely monitored, programmed and timed. Heating, air conditioning and lighting can be set to turn off in the absence of the guest.

Comfort services

The smart room also provides easy access to other hotel services, and can be combined with room service, reservations, wellness, massage services, and services in Port (shuttle, sightseeing). The services can be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Simplified maintenance

You don't have to wait for the guest to tell you if something in their room is not working. Thanks to remote access, the hotel will be informed sooner of any malfunction or breakdown and can take action to repair it.

Our solutions

System-connected, interoperable smart devices

  • Lighting: Brightness, variable colour temperature and hue adjustment.
  • Water temperature, water inlet: Digital water temperature valves and sensors help regulate your guests’ comfortable water temperature. Leak detectors, water ingress indicators automatically signal any problems
  • Curtains and shades: Motorised and automated curtains and shades give guests complete control at the touch of a button or through the use of an app.
  • Room service: A digitised room service menu is available on a smartphone or phone app. Preferences of returning guests can be stored for their next stay.
  • Smart locks: Hotel rooms equipped with smart locks allow guests to use a phone app as a room key, eliminating the need for a traditional room key or key card.
  • Mobile phone and tablet integration: Our smart solutions offer a range of technological integrations with smartphones and other personal devices. Guests can submit room service and cleaning requests via our app or online portal. This allows hotel staff to meet guest needs faster, while offering guests convenience and user-friendly communication options.

Smart door lock

Remotely programmable, timer, keyless door lock

Smart lighting

Lighting controlled by an app or touch panel.

Air conditioning and shading

Shading and temperature can be controlled by the guest and the property using an app.

Leak and water ingress detection

In the event of leaks and water ingress, the landfill is immediately alerted of unexpected events

Open system

Integrates with hotel management systems (PMS). Can be flexibly extended with other systems

Quick installation

Easy to install and commission. Wireless system, no drilling or demolition required

Lower costs

Using intelligent systems can save energy and labour costs.

Environmentally friendly

Smart guest rooms save energy, so they are also good for the environment.