Electric car chargers for accommodation

Targeting EV owners.

Innovative and environmentally friendly service

The market for electric cars is growing dynamically. More than 25 000 new electric cars are registered in Europe every month, an annual increase of almost 100% compared to previous years. Thanks to their increased range, electric cars are increasingly being used for holidays and business trips. The availability of a charging point is a decisive factor in the choice of hotel or restaurant by electric car drivers. Hotels with charging facilities will become more competitive, offering new value-added services to their guests. It is also worth noting that in the mandatory hotel rating system, electric car charging is worth extra points for hotels.

Our electric car chargers, optimised for corporate use, can help you meet the growing demand from guests for this innovative service. Our car chargers are installed with a guarantee and a Hungarian service background.

NKR-AC002 Car charger with column design

The NKReu-AC002 is a double-headed charger with a column design and is recommended for outdoor installation. Two electric cars can be charged at the same time.

  • Type 2 connector
  • Touch screen, user-friendly control
  • Remote control even via an app
  • Can be connected to MVM Mobility. The car charger integrated into MVM’s system also allows the collection of paid charging services.
    2 x 22 KW power
  • IP protection, outdoor design, weatherproof
  • Intelligent charge management, charge rate can be parameterised by time of day
  • 3 years warranty, Hungarian service background

AC006 wall mounted car charger

The AC006 wall-mounted charger provides charging for accommodation with a garage

  • Type 2 connector
  • Remote control even via an app
  • 7 -22 KW power output
  • Includes legally required circuit breakers
  • 3 years warranty, Hungarian service background

The way we work

After contacting you, we will carry out an on-site survey and propose the most optimal solution. During the survey, we examine the available infrastructure (electrical network, installation environment, etc.)

After the needs assessment, we will provide a quotation based on the preliminary survey. Once the offer is accepted, we will conclude a contract for the supply and installation of the equipment.

We deliver and install the equipment ordered. We make the necessary adjustments and test their operation. We provide the necessary operating instructions and training in the use of the equipment.

Great opportunity

Installing an electric car charger is a worthwhile investment for any accommodation.

Expanding guest base

An on-site electric car charger is a particularly important feature for owners of electric and plug-in hybrid cars,

Environmentally aware

The on-site electric car charger enhances the image of environmental friendliness.

Extra income

The electric car charger can be combined with the additional services of the accommodation (restaurant, café, wellness, etc.), as it can also bring in external, consuming guests.


Need more information?  Our experts will assess your needs, your existing infrastructure and work with you to find the best solution. Contact us at.