Automated guest processes

The accommodation saves time and money and guests will love it.

Innovative, room-key-less operation

Automated guest processes for our smart door locks. Lightning-fast online check-in, check-out. Smoother guest exchange, more efficient cleaning and housekeeping.

Online registration

Fast and smooth online registration with minimal personal contact.

Before arrival

Guests start the online check-in process from their smartphone, via the link provided at the time of booking or via an app. Check-in information and details can also be entered online. The property will be notified immediately and can start preparing the check-in,


When the guest arrives at the accommodation, the most necessary administrative tasks (signing the registration form, scanning documents if necessary) are left to be done. The guest will have immediate, contactless electronic access to their room. This can be via smartphone or PIN code.

Taking the room

With the access given, the guest can occupy the room, no key or key card is needed. The access is valid for the duration of the stay and can be modified or cancelled.

Express check-out

No more queuing at reception before departure. Thanks to our smart solutions, you can also check out online.

Before you leave

Guests can check out online from their smartphone, laptop or tablet via the link or app provided by the accommodation. The accommodation will be immediately notified of the guest's intention to check out and can start preparing the check-out.

Online check-out

As soon as the accommodation is informed of the guest's intention to leave, it can prepare an invoice and send it to the guest, even electronically. Thanks to smart locks, the guest does not have to hand in the key. The electronic lock access can be blocked immediately, after cleaning the new guest can be given access.

It's worth switching

Our smart solutions benefit all types of accommodation.


Simplifying guest processes can save a lot of money and time. Our solutions speed up the arrival and travel of guests,

Guest houses

Thanks to our solutions, the 24-hour reception is also available virtually for guesthouses and pensions. Room access can also be provided remotely for guests.

Airbnbs, apartments

Apartment and Airbnb operators do not need to meet the guest at all. Fully automated check-in and check-out process, door opening access control remotely.