We open doors to
smart solutions

Smart door locks, remotely controlled smart systems, electric car chargers for hotels, guesthouses, guest houses, Airbnb apartments.

We know the hotel industry and we understand the importance of guest satisfaction and simplifying operations. We offer easy-to-install, cost-effective, cutting-edge hardware and software systems specifically designed for hotels. Our smart solutions are easy to manage and integrate to deliver an outstanding guest experience.

Smart door locks

Replacing traditional door locks in guest rooms, our remotely programmable and monitored door locks simplify day-to-day operation. Cardless opening with smartphone or PIN code.

Automated guest processes

Simple and fast check-in from 0-24. Automated check-in reduces administrative burden and increases guest satisfaction.

Electric car chargers

Professional electric car chargers for accommodation. A great way to target new customers. Innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Outstanding benefits for all accommodation

Easy installation

Our smart hotel systems can be easily installed in place of existing devices. The devices communicate wirelessly, so no extra cabling is required.


Our intelligent systems are secure, communicating over encrypted channels. They can be monitored remotely, even from a smartphone.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Our smart solutions can help you reduce the ecological footprint of your accommodation. Our energy-saving systems can also help you reduce your running costs


Our intelligent systems come with support, service and customer support.